Wednesday, February 17, 2010

what are your motives?

From Barbara Phinney, as she struggles with motivation.

Motivation is very important, especially in writing. How can I expect my readers to connect with my characters if they don't understand why they are doing what they are doing?

And in our own lives, we have reasons for doing what we do.

My church is finishing up a series on prayer. And we are asked, "Will God grant us our petitions if our motives are impure?"

As I ask for things in prayer, I find I'm asking myself why I need or want such things.

Take for instance, the proposals I have prepared. Of course I want them accepted, and of course, I have asked for it in prayer.

But why?

Quite frankly, it's because we need the money. My family is planning to go on a mission trip to Bolivia. And along with that cost, my son has banged up our car. And there are always other on-going expenses.

But are my motives pure? Should I not be asking for another contract with Love Inspired?

Am I being selfish?

My characters, namely the hero and heroine, must be likeable and worthy of readers to root for, so their motivation needs to be pure, also, and not selfish.
So I also want my own motives to reflect my characters. Heroes and Heroines inspire us, both authors and readers. They aren't perfect, but they are understood, likeable and looked up to.

So I examine my own motives, as we as readers examine our heroes and heroines.

All I can do is try to keep my motives pure, ask for help when they aren't, and keep my character motivations strong and equally pure.

Are you hero material? Are your motives commendable? What can do if they aren't?

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Debby Giusti said...

Hi Barbara,
I go back to children. They ask their parents for everything. The parents, who know far more than the little ones, give their children what they need, but not what will harm them.

Christ said we should be like little children. So I can ask for things I THINK are good for me or my family, knowing God will make the final decision.

Let us know all about your mission trip, Barbara. Be sure to post pictures when you get home.