Friday, January 21, 2011

Cozy fires and comfy reads

Greetings from snowy, blustery Nashville, TN.

I grew up in the desert southwest, in an obscure part of Arizona that never saw a fleck of snow in the 20 years that my family lived there. So when I ventured out to find a job in publishing, which had been a life-long dream, I faced some weather I hadn't seen since my early childhood. My longest stop on this journey called life after college was in Colorado Springs, where I sure saw my fair share of the white stuff.

But when I made the move to Nashville, I thought I was leaving the snow behind for sun--and humidity.

Not so quick!
While this summer was certainly hot and humid, this winter has proven full of snow and ice thus far. And I've discovered that no matter where I am in this country if there's snow on the ground and a chill in the air, I want to be snuggled under a blanket in front of a cozy fire reading a good book. So that's what I've been doing lately--even if I can't find a fire or a blanket. My book has traveled everywhere with me this week, and I'm grateful for the company every chance I get amidst the frigid temperatures.
And did I mention my pink, fuzzy socks? Oh, those help me fight the freeze every day, too!

Are you battling cold right now, too? How do you deal with it?


Ramona Richards said...

I recently discover fleece jammies and white hot chocolate. They've made this winter much cozier and pleasant. And, always, a good book.

Project Journal said...

Oh man, I live in Vermont and go to school in New Hampshire, so are we dealing with cold, snow, and ice??? YESSS!! LOL! We've got over 2 feet of snow and it's stilllllll snowing hard today. I'm worried about driving home, but I can't stay because of a very, very important appointment I have this afternoon.

What helps me? A book, hot chocolate, fuzzy blanket, my cat or dog : ) And long conversations with good friends. LOVE spending my evenings doing that! Did it with Cheryl last night ; )

Anyway, hope you stay warm!

Liz Johnson said...

Oh, the hot chocolate! How could I forget the hot chocolate? And, Ramona, white hot chocolate? Sounds heavenly!

Thanks for chiming in, ladies.

PamelaTracy said...

I'm in Arizona now and debating about whether or not to buy my son one more pair of long pants. Hmmm, it was in the seventies today. What to do, what to do. I don't need an excuse, I think I'll go cuddle up with a good book.

Anonymous said...

I haven't had a cold, just the strep throat twice now. Changed jobs and deal with the people who are sick and need meds. Sooooooooooo they share their
This is my first visit to this website and I love it! All my favorite authors are here, and guess what, you guys are normal people!
Cozy fires, and fleece pj's are a must in the Blue Ridge Mountains of N.C. We are on the border of Tennesse, so we get alot of snow.
A good book just makes cold evenings better! Thanks to you guys, I can have all three!