Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Wallpaper and Road Rallies

So what could those two possibly have in common? What can you not do with your husband without ending up doing time in prison for it?

This is Barbara Phinney, and I will explain. But first, allow me to back up a bit.
Our daughter is getting married, and she and her husband will need a place to stay. I offered our house, but for some reason, that was flatly refused. So we checked out the housing market, and discovered it was cheaper to buy a house and pay the mortgage, than rent a place. Sad state of affairs that is.

So we've bought a mini home. My daughter didn't want to live in a 'trailer' but legally it is a mini home, so we're going with that.

And we're, in one sense, flipping it. It was desperately in need of updating, so we're redoing the bathroom, the kitchen, ripping up decades old carpet and painting walls. You all know the routine.

We've put up paintable wallpaper. Which now leads me to my title. Wallpaper is one of two things that I'm sure is legally allowed by law as an excuse for splitting husband and wife, but I am proud to say, my husband and I have
survived this. The last time, we nearly didn't survive as a family, but I guess as time goes on, we all mellow, and find the right balance. He cuts, I wet, he does the high stuff, I do the low stuff, I smooth out while he's cutting the next piece.
But road rallies are different. We did one years ago, in Germany no less! and we had to pull over to the side of the road to argue.

Then two years ago we did another one, and had a blast. (yeah!) It was pretty much like that goofy movie Rat Race. We survived that.

I guess what I'm saying is that don't give up on something because you wanted to bop your husband when you both did it. Try it again in a few years, laugh about it and relax. If we can survive road rallies and wallpaper, so can you.


PamelaTracy said...

Oh, Barbara, how you make me laugh. I am repair-challenged. Yes, my husband calls for help, I come in and holding the plywood and hate every moment. We went to Lowes and looked for paving on Monday. To my husband Lowes is what Barnes and Noble is to me.

Margaret Daley said...

I love the pictures!

Anita Mae Draper said...

Love the post, Barbara. Whenever hubby and I build something, I usually end up throwing a hammer at him. With wallpaper, it's the squeegee. And when we went on a road rallie, well I didn't have the strength. LOL

The road rallie was fun, though. We were one of 20 cars heading off Canadian Forces Base Moose Jaw here on the flat prairies. We spent over half an hour trying to find one country road because we had to go so many miles per hour for so many miles then turn west. We did the run three times always ending between 2 roads heading west. Finally we picked one - and got lost. (Found an excellent place to pick Saskatoon berries, though.)

When we got back to the city, our car broke down 7 blocks from home. We called a tow truck and the driver dropped us off at home before towing the car to the shop. We figured since we had to get back to the base to report in, we may as well finish the race.

We assumed the 'big canine painting' was the Husky head on the side of the huge Husky Oil tank on the edge of the city and carried on from there. Four hours after leaving, we were back on base with our sheet. Points were deducted because we missed checkpoints when we went down the wrong country road. But when everyone had checked in, Nels and I ended up in 5th place! What a riot!

Although I'd love to race in another rallie, Nels says I'll have to find another driver. I'm not exactly sure why...

Anita Mae.

Leann said...

Barbara, I will second that sentiment of wallpapering being grounds for divorce. My husband and I tried doing our kitchen. Oh, it wasn't a pretty sight. Who knew I had that much hostility?

After apologies, we finished. But the next time we did wallpaper, we hired it out.

Barbara Phinney said...

Anita, what a laugh! I think that the same people who organized my road rally, organized yours!
At least you got some berries for jam. We actually stopped at a gastof for a drink.
Pam, I have to agree with you about Barnes and Noble, over Lowes. So true for me.
Leann, hammers aren't allowed in the same room as wet wallpaper. LOL!
Now, girls, remember, what is said on this blog stays on this blog. Husbands don't need to know.