Friday, August 3, 2007

Coming home again...

I feel like I've been on the road all month. Ever feel that way? I just got back from Florida with the girls. The plane was delayed and we ended up getting into Boston at midnight instead of 9:15PM. After getting bags, finding my minivan in the parking lot and driving an hour and a half west I finally made it home.

Family visits are awesome. I got to visit my 89 year old grandmother. I hadn't seen her in a while so it was a real treat and she marveled at how big my girls had gotten since the last visit. Leaving was bittersweet. I wanted to come home, but I'll miss her until the next visit.

Now it's back to work. I've decided August will be a marathon month. When I write a book I do my prep work ahead of time, get myself ready to write and then plan the month I'll write my rough draft. That's right, I said month. August is the month I'm going to crank out at least 150 pages (the first 70 are already written). Unlike a lot of linear writers, I'm a puzzler. I see my book in pieces and it's easier for me to put the puzzle together when I'm writing the whole thing in a short period of time. Plus, once I get my characters going I become completely absorbed in what is happening to them. It's a lot like reading a good book in that way. I can't leave them alone once I start.

So cheer me on. Since it's the summer months, I'll be doing a lot of grilling. Between Chef Tom (My hubby) and Chef Ben (My oldest and only boy) the grill will get some good use. I'm thinking good marinades and lots of fresh vegetables. September (revision month) will be different. The kids will be back in school and my local pizza delivery man will probably be delivering dinner before I even call for it.

Until next time, many blessings, Lisa

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