Monday, August 27, 2007

A Revising We Will Go

I'm going to be talking about people you haven't met - yet. They're (I typed their first but did a little revising) the characters is the book I'm currently writing. I'm busy making the changes my editor suggested.

As a writer of inspirational fiction, I do have to 'think' about some of the changes I'm making. For example, since I'm writing a secret baby is there a taboo subject area I might accidentally stray into. Hmmmm. See, I'm thinking about having a scene where my heroine goes into an abortion clinic. No, she's not getting an abortion - somebody else is. Still, I'm worried (mostly because I'm a worrier) that this scene might hurt a reader. I'm not really worried about offending. Abortion clinics exist; people go into them. But, what if I have a reader who experienced an abortion and my words are hurtful. This is what I'm worried about. Is this a legitimate worry?

When my son was nine months old, I read a series romance that had a nine-month-old boy die. I hated that book because of that one scene. Too close to home. I love CSI. I'm watching the videos. A few weeks ago, an episode started with a woman finding a baby left in a carseat in extreme heat. I have no idea how the episode ended. I turned it off. Too close to home. I have a baby, I have a carseat, I live in Arizona (think extreme heat).

The good news is my editor will say yay or nay. The bad news is writing the scene will make me sad. So, what do you think? Am I worrying too much? Or is the dance of realism a necessary step in romantic fiction?

I wanna know.

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