Monday, August 13, 2007

First Day of School

Picture me with my hands outstretched (my fingers still clicking away) as I'm dragged away from my computer. The arms of schooldom are clutched around my middle. Schooldum is holding a grading book, a grammar tool, and a red pen. Yup, today it's back to the world of academia. No more late afternoon typing while Mikey naps. No more calling mortuaries in the middle of the day to ask about historic practices. No more... Wait, I do love my day job. So, how do I do it? Balance work, family, and writing. I write from 6:00 - 8:00 a.m. Yes, that's a.m.

To get everything done, I have to be very organized.

Here's what my goals look like: Monday 1-5, Tuesday 6-10, Wednesday 10-15, Thursday 15-20, Friday 20-25. If I write on weekends, I consider it cushion. If I can write 25 pages a week, that means in 12 weeks, I have a book. And since I want to do three books a year, that's very doable. It means write the book in three months, edit for one month. Plus, I believe goals are to be broken. Sooooo I only write my goals one week at a time. If on Monday, I get lucky and write 8 pages (Hey, it can happen!) Then, I either get to have an easy Tuesday, or I make sure I write 8 - 13 on Tuesday. If on Friday, I have 35 pages written instead of 25, then on week two I start with 35 - 40 instead of 25 - 30. Plus, if I get to write on the weekend, that puts me even more ahead.

In truth, the biggest help in keeping my career on track is my critique group. I never want to show up without something to pass out for comments.

Thus goes the first day of school - today is welcome meeting and, "Pam, two of your classes didn't make. How about teaching an 7 p.m. Freshman Comp class?"
Thus goes Monday the first day of the writing week (no pages, doing editor suggested revisions on first three chapters of newly purchased LIR).

And, if I can do it (Cat, get off my keyboard! Hmmm, is that the baby crying? Sticky floor, arg! My husband didn't clean up his HIS spilt soda last night? And, tell me, really, do I need to shower this morning?) you can do it.

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