Monday, August 18, 2008

He's Loved Her Since Ninth Grade...

Those were the words I overheard my sister say about her new son-in-law.

Right now, I'm the traveling Craftie Lady. It's early a.m. in Trinidad, Colorado, and I'm in the business center of a Quality Inn. I snuck down here while my husband and son sleep.

I really haven't been home for three weeks and it's all because of words like "He's loved her since ninth grade."

Romantic words

Three weeks ago I was in San Francisco because in my fiction, I build worlds where a hero would indeed love the heroine "...since ninth grade."

Two weeks ago I was in Chama, New Mexico, riding an historic narrow guage train. I was standing next to my husband who didn't know me in ninth grade. He did, however, say the words "I love you" first! Believe me, I remember. He also called down to the recovery room after our son was born because they were keeping me too long with them and he wanted me up in the room with him. But, I digress. We went on the train because my son, who'se not in ninth grade yet, loves Thomas the Train. The first half of the trip was spent in an open air car, holding Mikey up so he would see the sights, and the second half was spent with Mikey asleep on a seat and my husband and I alone in the open air car. Oh, other people were there, but we didn't see them.

One week ago, we arrived in Omaha, Nebraska, for my neice's wedding. It was a fairy tale. She got married on a ranch, arrived in an antique carriage, and afterwards there was a barn dance.

The groom had loved her since ninth grade...sigh.

Me, I got one dance with an exhausted three year old and half a dance with a handsome husband. Why the half dance? Well, it was more than time to take the exhuasted three year old home.

From a writer's viewpoint. I saw romance everywhere, including on the train where Grandpa - my husband's dad - and his girlfriend - a romance writer, too. Yup, I fixed them up - cuddled together.

It doesn't matter if you're in ninth grade or ninty, appreciate who you are with!

Oh, and from a writer's viewpoint, I didn't get much writing down. I'm going to bury myself in a hole for the next two weeks since I have a September 4th deadline. I'll put a sign that says "Husbands and three-year-olds not allowed".

Happy writing everyone.


Ellen said...

Hope you enjoyed all of your travels, the wedding, dancing with your three year old (and your husband) and the ride on the narrow gage railroad.

PamelaTracy said...

Enjoy and Exhausted share the same space in a dictionary. Picture me smiling. As soon as I catch up on my sleep, I'll think back on all I enjoyed. The past few weeks will be cherished memories.