Thursday, August 28, 2008

Too Many Books???

Is there such a thing as too many books?

Oh, I hope not. But as I stare at the piles of books that literally surround me on my desk, I have to wonder.

I collect books like some people collect movies, dates, or experiences. And at the rate I collect them, I'll never catch up. Especially if I keep doing other things like cooking, cleaning, caring for my family. Not to mention writing, teaching, etc.

But there are several books I really want to get to. I have this idea to do a series on the blogs I write for with the guys who write legal suspense -- I really don't know many gals in CBA that do, and I'm not sure Lisa Scottoline would open my email LOL. It would be fun to include John Grisham, but I'm afraid I'd have a similar problem. I'd love to have him keynote ACFW some year, but don't think we could afford him. It would be pretty awesome though.

I love to study folks who write and plot well and these authors do. So here's a question for you, oh faithful readers... If you could ask an author anything what would it be? And if you could ask a legal suspense writer anything what would it be? If you like legal suspense, who's your favorite author?

Let me know, and I'll incorporate the questions into the interviews. Randy Singer's already said yes, and I think I can get several others to participate.

Then in October we can learn what makes these writers tick together. And how they come up with their diabolically twisted plots!

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Jessica said...

I have lots of collections of books in my house.
Poor hubby :-) He's not a reader and doesn't understand why I have books piled/hid/stacked everywhere.