Monday, August 4, 2008


I just returned home from San Francisco. What a wonderful adventure I had. The first RWA conference, way back in Anaheim, has always rated high on my favorite memories list, but this one tops it. See, back in Anaheim - ever so many years ago -I remember standing at the hotel room window and watching two of my roommates get on the Harlequin bus. I so wanted to be there. Two years ago I sold to Harlequin. I met my goal. Now there are other goals and this conference filled one very nicely. Attending conference as a RITA finalist is like being a princess. First, before the conference there is a bevy of duties that range all the way from sending pictures for the huge powerpoint presentation to getting a first crack to an editor/agent appointment to getting a three page here's what you do how-to. I also received flowers from Harlequin. During this time you get to call your editor and scream, call your agent and scream, and call your friends and scream. Your writing friends will scream with you. Your non-writing friends will ask who Rita is. At conference is even better. First you get a ribbon announcing to the world (well, at least to all the people who take the time to look at your badge) that you're a RITA finalist. Then, there's a reception where they hand out certificates (I'm heading out to store today to buy a frame for mine). Before the ceremony there's a rehearsal. For the Inspry Rita Gang, we all met and went to lunch before this event and almost missed it because we couldn't get a cab big enough for everyone. (I still feel bad that Karen Harter went in the second cab). Then before the real deal, Krista and Melissa took their nominees (Me, Irene Hannon, and Susan May Warren) along. Finally, there's during the event. There's reserved seating upfront. And it takes forever to get to the category you're in. Finally, they announce a name. It wasn't mine, which meant I got to relax for the rest of the ceremony. Linda Goodnight, however, had to go on stage and be witty. I came home exhilarated, ready to write, and grateful to my God, my friends, the judges, and to RWA. I had a fabulous time.


Jessica said...

Yay, it sounds wonderful! Congratulations in being a finalist! That's huge.

Ellen said...

Sounds like you had a wonderful time and congratulations on being a finalist.

Lisa Mondello said...

RWA in San Fran was definitely one to remember Pam! So good to see you and be able to give you and the other CRAFTIE Ladies of Suspense a hug!


PamelaTracy said...

Thank you! I'm still daydreaming about all the good times :)