Thursday, August 21, 2008

Olympic Giveaway

Over on my blog, I'm giving away copies of my books in honor of the Olympics. So if you've wanted to read Deadly Exposure or one of my historical World War Two romances, slide on over and post a comment here. For every ten comments, I'm drawing a name. I drew two last night, but would love to give away more books.

I spent the weekend in Ohio doing research for my next World War Two romance series. We spent four hours at Wright Patterson, and didn't even scratch the surface. Literally. We practically raced through one building leaving two more unexplored.

Everywhere I turned I saw story ideas. Not enough for a full book, but enough to add layers. My mind is spinning on the challenge of writing a World War Two suspense with a female attorney. That's all I've figured out yet.

But each exhibit. Each placard. Each plane. They all plant seeds, and someday they'll germinate and come together as an idea that makes the what if that propels a book.

And then there's attending my son's preschool graduation and picking the brain of a dad who's a fire investigator. Not an arson investigator mind you :-) But that's information for the book due December 1 :-)

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