Thursday, April 2, 2009

April Showers….

Gardening is a passion of my. Not only is it fun to plant, but watching my plants go is such a pleasure. Writing is like that. You have a germ of an idea. You plant that in your fertile brain and then you let it grow. Writing that story is much like watching your plant grow. What you want is that final flower—a finished book.

When folks come by and admire you garden, no one knows how much work went into it, the constant tending and watering—writing and rewriting. It is that final flower—the book that others enjoy that the writer wants to savor.

Not all books are created equal. Some books flow and are easy. The words are there when you sit down to the computer to write. Of the 14 books I’ve done 2 occurred that way. The other books I’ve done are like getting blood from a turnip. Every word is a struggle and the characters fight you every page.
Plants are that way to. Some grow without any tending, while others need to be babied and require a lot of work to get it to grow. When the plant is in full bloom, people can’t tell the easy ones from the difficult one.

What does that mean? Why am I telling you this?

Writers can’t let their feelings stop them from writing. This is a job, and I have to consider it as such. My muse has to work everyday, no matter what it feels like.

If I put in the work, then that plant grows, and when it is over, others can enjoy that plant.


EllenToo said...

Love the flowers especially the yellow ones. Are they Iris?

Leann said...

Yes, they are Irises. This last year, I finally divided the irises and gave them room to grown. My mother-in-law had over 50 different varieties of Irises.

HollyMag said...

I love flowers. Not much of a green thumb, but I love seeing them and taking pictures. Thanks for sharing! Blessings

Dana Mentink said...

Those flowers are gorgeous!

Edna said...

I love your blog and the beautiful flower pictures, Thank God for great authors, as I can't write a books but sure love to read them

May God Bless