Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Sacrifical Love

One of the most sacrificial women I’ve had the pleasure of spending time with is Bettie Mitchell, founder of Good Samaritan Ministries in Beaverton Oregon. When my husband and I first moved to Oregon we needed some guidance. Through a friend we learned of Bettie and Good Samaritan Ministries. For over fifteen years Bettie has been our mentor, counselor and friend. I thank God that Bettie answered His call on her life. I know my writing has matured and grown through all the wise counsel and from our family's experiences with GSM. My husband's trip to Uganda with a team from GSM inspired one of my earlier books, A Sheltering Heart.
For over thirty years this ministry, inspired by the Biblical story of the Good Samaritan, has been sharing unconditional love and helping those in need throughout the world. GSM reaches out in compassion to help those in crisis within their communities through counseling, fundamental education, and emergency services without fees regardless of race, nationality, religion or economic status. This ministry is unique in that those who run the GSM offices in other countries are natives of that country. The GSM headquarters offer support and training so that others may be a Good Samaritan to their neighbors. If you would like to learn more of this amazing ministry go to http://www.gsmusa.org/


Debby Giusti said...

Your message is perfect during this time of economic crisis. We all need to be Good Samaritans, reaching out to others, helping where we can, offering support and encouragement.

Terri Reed said...

I agree Debby. Especially when the world seems so bleak. The only hope we have comes from above and must be demonstrated to each other.
Take care,