Thursday, April 30, 2009

A New Dawn

Tomorrow, May 1, is my birthday, but I’ve been celebrating for more than two weeks. And for a very unusual reason.

On April 14th, I was laid off from my day job. For most people this could be a disaster. I felt only relief that bordered on giddiness.

It’s all about feeling God’s tug on my life. For several months, I’ve felt as if God were leading me in another direction, one away from the job I did every day and more toward one that drew deeply on the gifts I’ve had since birth. Gifts HE gave me.

I’ve been resistant, mostly because of fear. I’m a single mom, and that steady paycheck carries with it a seductive illusion of security, almost like watching a storm while standing in the sun. But sometimes, when God leads you to the edge of the ledge, if you don’t take the leap, He’ll get behind you and shove.

So I’ve been shoved, and this year, spring—and my birthday—truly has become a time for change for me. My daughter graduates from her special needs school and comes home full time, so Mom has as well. To write, to help care for Rachel, and, hopefully, to listen more closely to God. A new dawn.

And a new direction. This weekend, I end my birthday celebration in Huntsville, Alabama, at the Heart of Dixie Reader’s Luncheon. I’ll be there to sign my new book, The Taking of Carly Bradford, which releases in May. This is going to be a May to remember for a long time.

I’ve leapt—now I believe He will help me soar.


Leann said...

I can identify with you. I'm staying home next year, wondering what God wants me to do. (I know it is to write.) This faith thing isn't as easy as we think. But the reward and the peace are beyond price.

Jill Kemerer said...

Go ahead, put your trust in Him. He won't let you down. It might not always be an easy journey, but it's always rewarding. When you have the doubts, just listen and surrender.

And, gorgeous pictures! I can't stop looking at them!

HollyMag said...

Have a happy birthday!