Monday, April 13, 2009

Happy Camper

This past weekend, we went camping - only we didn't start with a we.

First, let me give kudos to my husband. See, I'm mailing revisions for a book off on Wednesday morning (think last minute). I'm not done. Husband is aware I'm not done. He even vaguely realizes that he's partly responsible for me not being done. So, he comes up with a brilliant idea. See, he was off work both Thursday and Friday. He decided to go up to the campsite on Thursday to get a great spot. He offered to take Mikey with him. My first thought: an evening alone! (almost better than Christmas). My second thought: Without me there, Mikey will wander out into the desert and get lost. My second thought won, and Mikey stayed with me and my husband went camping alone for one whole day. Me, being typical female, told my friends my husband's idea about taking Mikey camping and how I didn't go for it. 100% (Okay, I only told three) said, "Mikey would have been fine. You're an idiot."

Okay, I'm an idiot.

Next, Friday Mikey and I head up to the Superstition Mountains. Don's called twice. He's having a blast, can hardly wait for us to get there. I'm supposed to be following his brother. Me, in a little RAV4; brother pulling a camping trailer. I take side road to buy fresh oranges (to no avail; closed for season). Then, I take another side road (need gas, but no gas station here). Finally, I find gas station way down the road. Needless to say, the entire road trip, there, had maybe a 30 second sighting of the camper I should have been following. I get to the area where we're camping, and yup, miss the turn. We eventually get to the campsite and almost immediately the wind start blowing.

Then, the skies open up, and it rains - all night long.

Saturday was pretty much spent inside a camper. Looking out the water logged window, I notice that huge cactus by my car. It's taller than my house (the cactus, not the car). Last time we were here the people next to us said they saw four rattlesnakes. Guess we're safe this time. About two, the rain stops. Of course, we can tell by the sky that it won't be stopped for long. We rev up the quads, only to turn back when we get a little high into the mountains and see snow ahead. Two seconds into the return ride, the rain keeps us company. Eventually the rain stops, and we find a place to eat lunch. Magic. There's a waterfall (running quite nicely thanks to all the rain). Don and Mikey build a dam. Uncle Steve becomes the project manager. Mommy and Aunt Patti (also a writer) talk books. Dam breaks, clouds open up, and it's back to the camper. Mommy and Mikey stay inside and watch Caillou. Everyone else sitting by the campfire in the rain.

Yesterday was gorgeous. I'll post pictures later after we unload the camper, but picture this. My son, carrying his Spiderman Easter basket, hunted for Spiderman Easter eggs in the desert. Too cool. It was a great day. We took a forty-mile ride back into Montana Mountain. We explored an old cabin: dirt. We went into a deserted mine: no flashlight so we didn't go far. We rode on roads that had scarey drop-offs: Eek!

After we'd loaded the camper and I was waiting for Don to do his last minute check, I looked out at the cacti, mountians, and sky, and marveled at all God has given us.


EllenToo said...

Sounds like you had a wonderful weekend despite the rain.

Debby Giusti said...

Hi Pam,
It's always fun to read your posts! I feel like I'm part of your family.

PamelaTracy said...

Ellen, we did have a wonderful weekend. Mikey's four now. I remember when we got rained in (camping) and he was almost two. MISERABLE. Now, he watches movies, plays with his cars, talks to me. So much more fun.

PamelaTracy said...

LOL, and I feel like my life is a sit com.