Sunday, December 6, 2009

Christmas Mystery-part 2 by Margaret Daley

“Don’t open? Rats.”

The thought of waiting until Christmas to open the present didn’t sit well with Zelda. She picked up the big red package and shook it. A rattling sound puzzled her. Broken glass? Did she break it by shaking it?

She placed the mysterious gift next to her and stared at the wrapped square box. The large white bow taunted her. Open me. And her natural curiosity screamed she should NOW.

Especially if something was broken. She needed to know that. If that nice new neighbor had sent her a gift, she wanted to thank him, and if somehow she’d broken it, she would have to apologize—possibly by cooking him dinner.

She untied the white bow, the satin ribbon fallen to the side. Normally she tore into presents, but this time she would take her time and relish the suspense of who sent her a gift and what it was.

A faint sound caught her attention. Cocking her ear toward the box, she listened. Ticking? She leaned closer. Yes!

A bomb? A clock?

Suddenly she scrambled away from the brightly wrapped present.

(Check back tomorrow for part three of this story by Cara Putman. Leave comments about what you think is going to happen next.)


PamelaTracy said...

If it's a bomb, I'd be dead because I'd have already opened it.

EllenToo said...

WOW -- you sure know how to keep us in suspense. If it's a bomb she better run. LOL on her being unable to wait until Christmas to open it. Sounds like someone I know although I've never had a ticking present.

Margaret Daley said...

It's hard sometimes to wait to open a gift. Like you, Ellen, however I've never had a ticking one.

Barbara Phinney said...

If it's a bomb, then it better have a long timer. Because how far out is Christmas?
I say she open it and find out!!

Linda said...

Personally, I would be suspicious. Yet I'd want to know. Now that it is ticking, she needs to call the police and get the bomb squad NOW. Someone may have a grudge against her that she isn't aware of. Better safe than sorry.

Debby Giusti said...

Love Zelda. Hope she and Ben end up happily ever after!

Where did you find that photo of the red box? Perfect for the story!

Margaret Daley said...

I got the box from Google images.

PamelaTracy said...

Want me to move it to the sidebar?

Lenora said...

Wow, Margaret, you sure upped the suspense. Maybe it's just a big clock from her great-uncle Samuel!

Lenora :)

Pamela J said...

Curiosity killed the cat, I've heard. Zelda can't think of any enemies she has so it MUST NOT be a bomb. What else could be ticking but a clock or something set in motion inside by the movement of shaking the package? "To die is gain", as scripture says. Zelda needs some cheer NOW, not waiting till Christmas though the package's instruction is quite clear. Maybe the wrap can be pieced back together carefully after seeing all is safe inside...

Joan said...

I might be curious but I would have no problem waiting until Christmas to open the package. Souns like a very good suspense.
Happy Holidays