Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Part 5 by Leann Harris

Zela took a deep breath. Mrs. Garrison shook in Zela's arms. "Is it going to exploded? Tell me."

Zela looked into Ben's eyes. There was a calmness there. One that reassured her.
"Just stay still," Ben commanded.

He squatted by the box and carefully unwrapped the ribbon from Mrs. Garrison's foot. Suddenly the ticking stopped.

"Get down," Ben shouted as he tossed the box into the middle of the yard.

The explosion knocked both Zela and Mrs. Garrison back into the house. Ben hit the ground outside the door.

Fiery debris rained down around them.

Zela shook her head. Mrs. Garrison looked up.
"Are you okay?" Zela asked the older woman.


Zela turned to Ben. He was already up looking at the remains of the bomb.
Before she could ask Ben any questions, sirens filled the air.

She saw Ben pick up something from the bushes near the house and slip it into his pants pocket. Before she could asked him anything, a fire truck pulled up before her house, followed by the police.

What had Ben found?


Linda said...

I was right!!!! It WAS a bomb. Whatever Ben found, he must have felt it was incriminating to someone he knew to take it from a crime scene. Now, does it have to do with someone against Zela or her son's activities? Or was it Ben himself?

Pamela J said...

How can this bomb be related to whatever it was that made Mrs. Garrison run screaming FROM her house TO where the ticking box was? Ben certainly has something up HIS sleeve (or should I say in his pants pocket?). He knew something was coming. Yet, HOW COULD HE LOOK SO CALM?? Mrs. Garrison MUST tell all why she ran from her house like she did and WHY she ran directly to where Zelda and Ben were standing. Does Zelda reveal to the investigators that Ben slipped something into his pocket or does she wait and ask him privately? Best leave Tommy out of this. If he is neck deep in his own stuff, he doesn't need more grief from anyone.

Debby Giusti said...

The plot thickens. What about Mr. G? Could he be dead? If so, who killed him? What's going on in this nice Atlanta neighborhood?

Will Zelda share Christmas with Ben? Or will Ben be in jail?

EllenToo said...

Ben knows more than he's telling. And now things are becoming more "interesting". How did the fire and police get there so quickly? Did someone warn them ahead of time.

Margaret Daley said...

This is great. So many questions.

Lisa Mondello said...

Oooh, I'm loving this. So bomb explodes and now Ben, who was so reassuring to Zelda, has slipped something of importance into his pocket. I'm wondering what Ben knows that he's not telling! I'm also wondering what made Mrs. Garrison run from her house. I can't wait for tomorrow.

Jackie Wisherd said...

Merry Christmas to the CRAFTIE authors.

Lenora said...

I think Mrs. Garrison knows something and was maybe trying to protect Zelda. Maybe Mr. Garrison hired Zelda's son to do some undercover work. And maybe Ben is undercover himself to watch the Garrison's because they aren't as nice as they seem. They'd sucked poor Tommy into some kind of espionage and Zelda doesn't have a clue.... But I sure hope Ben turns out to be a good guy.

Leann said...

I'm thinking maybe Ben is there because Tommy asked him to protect his mother.

And maybe Mrs. G isn't as innocent as she appears to be. Why was she running out of the house?

Barbara Phinney said...

Well, surprise! I think it was meant for the Garrisons.

SketchGirl said...

I think it was Mrs Garrison who sent the box. And it was delivered to the wrong person what other reason could she be so distressed and freaked out?! I don't think the Police or Fire personnel arrived quickly since this is a short story and not wanting to have this drawn out. I think Ben may be undercover but by who? The mob? Police? FBI? Tommy may have reneaged on his last shipment and now the bad guys are after his mother!