Saturday, December 26, 2009

What do the three most popular 2009 You Tube Clips Show About Us?

Happy New Year. Dana Mentink here. With Christmas behind us, it’s time to embrace upcoming year by taking a moment to look back. What better way to get a finger on the pulse of the times by peeking at that cultural phenomenon known as You Tube. The company rated its top ten videos for 2009 based on the number of times each was viewed. The results were revealing.

The top video? Susan Boyle, frumpy Scottish singer who showed us that the value we place on looks can cause us to miss out on phenomenal talent. Susan’s clip garnered over 120 million views. Why? Because she taught us a lesson and we got to see the underdog rise to great heights.

The second most popular video? David After the Dentist, an adorable clip of a child in a post sedative twilight. People loved it enough to watch it 39 million times. Why? Because the little guy was cute and we got to experience a moment in the life of an innocent. We smiled and enjoy his discomfiture.

Video number three? A hilarious little clip entitled JK Wedding Entrance featuring the wedding party of Jill and Kevin performing a joyful dance down the aisle. We loved it to the tune of 33 million. Why? Because it was a moment full of joy and celebration that found its expression in the perfect place, a wedding ceremony.

So what was striking about these top three videos was they were all clips that made us feel good. We cheered for Susan. We chuckled at David. We celebrated with Jill and Kevin. In this year of recession, political strife, disgraced athlete’s and politicians, we want to see the joy and You Tube allowed us the opportunity to laugh. It’s the same reason books continue to sell in an age where folks have little disposable income. Books lift us up, let us laugh and celebrate happy endings. In a world where terrorists try to blow up Detroit bound planes on Christmas and the big news of the day is the Charlie Sheen’s arrest, it’s the reason I write them.

What was your favorite You Tube video this year? I’ll bet they were clips that lifted you up and made your heart happy. Send in your faves so we can all share in the joy.


EllenToo said...

This isn't You Tube but I thought it was worth seeing.

Ramona Richards said...

I like YouTube because it introduces me to a lot of great music that I'd otherwise miss out on. The "related videos" sidebar is perfect for that.

I loved Susan and the wedding dance (watched both several times), and it's awesome that Jill and Kevin have turned the popularity of their video into a fundraiser for a domestic violence charity.

Back when I still had my pup Crimson, I'd sit her on my lap, do a search on "funny cat videos" and we'd both have a great giggling and her barking happily at the bouncing kittens.

Thanks, Dana

Dana Mentink said...

And the Muppets have a really cool You Tube vid out too.

Project Journal said...

Dana, speaking of Muppets...anyone heard their 12 Days of Christmas version of the song!? It's SO hilarious!! Seriously, the eighth day(I think)...."meep meep, meep meep meep meep"!!! LOL!

Anyway, Ramona sounds like Crimson was a cutey! That sounds like a lot of fun : )

I LOVE quite addicted actually. I have found so many songs, like Ramona, but I really enjoy seeing the Glee songs too!

Project Journal said...

Oh, yeah, I've seen all the vids too. A girl in my English class showed us the vid David After the Dentist and presented on the exploitation of children in America in present day....she's got a point...