Friday, December 25, 2009

Simply Perfect Christmas, from Carol Steward

Like many of you across the nation, we in Colorado are celebrating 2009 with a white Christmas. As my grandsons and I were out playing in the falling snow, we stopped to admire the nativity under a thick blanket of snow. My four-year-old grandson commented on how cold baby Jesus must be. We’d just read the book, The Friendly Beasts, the night before, and talked about how thankfully it wasn’t as cold in Bethlehem the night the baby Jesus was born as it was when we were outside playing. And still, it was simple and quiet and just the way God had planned for His son to come into the world.

We celebrated early with our grandsons this year, since their dad is working on Christmas day. It was actually very refreshing to take an “extra” holiday and just play. We went sledding, and didn’t stress over any of the usual expectations to make Christmas day perfect. In fact, we ate corndogs and potato salad for our “holiday dinner” with the boys. Low stress, high on perfection. Simplicity at its finest. And I think that's just the way God would want it.

Today we’ll celebrate with the “whole” family and enjoy all of the chaos and even more, the quiet simplicity of coming home to take a long winter’s nap.

May God bless all of you on this, His son's birthday!

Carol Steward


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