Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Food Inc

There are many things I could blog about today, but one stands out clearly in my mind.
The documentary Food Inc.
I know I'm deviating from the normal blogs here, but since we all have to eat, and since we authors are especially prone to food cravings, we need to be informed.
My sister-in-law recommended this documentary and it's available at most video rental places now, and well worth watching. It tells the story of our food, how it is controlled by big business, lobbied by power and completely turned into a major industry rather than the gentle farmer we expect. It talks about organics, money, power, fast food, and even poverty.
Now I live in Canada, so I am in no position to say 'shame shame' here on the food industry. We're more than likely in the same boat as the US. One good thing about where I live is that if I wanted to buy half a steer for my freezer, I have the opportunity to meet the big fellow first. But it's not so everywhere and it's shocking to see so deep within the industry that still shows pleasant valley farms on the packages of their products.
But regardless of who you are, you should watch this documentary. We need to make informed decisions in our lives, and regardless of whether you agree with organic farming, or if run a farm that sells to one of the big four food producers, or if you are just an eater like me, you need to see this film. We all have a right to know what's in our food, and make informed decisions of such.
Thankfully, the documentary ends with a positive note, and in no way blames the farmer. We need to continue to support our farmers, yield to them on those secondary roads and not grumble at the smell we get sometimes. They feed us.
We just need to know what happens after the food leaves the farm and before it reaches us.
Food Inc. Watch it.

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