Thursday, January 7, 2010

viruses and bugs, oh my

This just in from Lenora Worth. I've had computer woes all week and finally had to resort to doing a total restore on my computer. I had something invade my machine, flashing all these dire warnings and telling me I needed to download a whole new security program because my computer was infested. Funny, since I have a good security program and it had just done a complete scan. I tried ignoring the pop-ups, tried deleting them, even tried screaming at them. This stuff kept popping up even when I was in my word processing file and not online. So ... my husband did a restore in the wee hours of the night so I could get something in to my editor before the noon deadline the next day. What a hero! And what a mess. Things are back on track now.

All of that to say, isn't this always the way when we get hit with a bug or a nasty virus? It seems this time of year with winter rattling the windows and dry heat valiantly trying to keep us warm, we get sick. Our bodies send us dire warnings to take care, slow down, reboot. But we push these pop-ups away, trying to get on with our work. And yes, we scream at a sore throat or a little cough, hoping that will solve things. But our bodies have built-in security systems that try to alert us that we need to rest and restore. So while my computer seems to be safe once again, I have several hard working friends who've been sick through the holidays. My husband and my son both have the sniffles. Me, when I get stressed my back goes out. Never fails. This time, my upper back is not happy. It was bothering me before all these woes and now it's sending out alert signals to beat the band. I will rest and take care. But with the artic blast covering most of the country, it bears repeating-take care, stay warm, stay healthy and listen to the warning signs. Sometimes a good restore can save a lot of trouble down the road. Now ... I must get to work but I will listen to my alert signals and act accordingly. (Hot chocolate helps!)


Dana Mentink said...

Well NOTHING can cause as much aggravation as a computer that won't cooperate! Hope you and your back are in better shape now!

Lenora said...

Thanks, Dana. Much better today. I wrote a whole chapter! It's so cold here--in the teens. That's not good for a southern girl's bones.

EllenToo said...

I had that pop up appear last year(2009) sometime and ended up taking the computer to the fixit place who found nothing wrong and stopped the pop up. Very aggravating to have to spend the money to get rid of it but glad nothing was wrong.