Thursday, January 28, 2010

My Killing Ways

Hi, I’m Ramona and I like to kill people.

In print, that is.

Anyone who follows me on Facebook or reads my blog knows that I adore the television show, Castle, and not just because Nathan Fillion really is “ruggedly handsome.” The show actually snagged my interest with the first line, which is repeated every week:

“There are two kinds of folks who sit around thinking about how to kill people: psychopaths and mystery writers.”

First time I heard it, I wanted to hug the writers.

Flashback to a trip to LA, when my friend Bruce was doing his best to impress me with how fast he could take the curves of Mulholland Drive. In middle of one of his tire-screeching downshifts, I looked out over the ravine and asked, “How often do the road crews come through here?”

“I’m not sure. Why?”

“Just wondering how long it would take to find a body dumped into the ground cover.”

There followed the sound of different kind of clutch, then he said, in a slightly choked voice, “This IS for a book, right?”

OK, yes, I hesitated before answering. Just to see if he’d slow down some.

He did.

My friends have even started kidding me about it. A photographer friend once commented that he sees a great barn to shoot. I see a great barn to dump shooting victims in.

Sometimes I even upgrade to something nicer than a great barn. The book that follows Field of Danger is House of Secrets, in which I turn a renovated Victorian into a giant puzzle, the solution to which will solve not one murder but two – one of them more than 20 years old. More clues to come.

Until then, I hope you enjoy the upcoming CRAFTIE Ladies mystery, a Valentine’s story I know you’ll love.

Rick Castle, eat your heart out.


Barbara Phinney said...

I love your hook for your stories! And tell me a bit about the show Castle, please. I haven't seen it yet, but love the pic.
Barbara Phinney

Lisa Mondello said...

Don't you just love CASTLE? I love watching it. I even want to get the Richard Castle book their selling now on Amazon. I'll admit that I still see Captain Malcom Reynolds when I watch Castle and loved the little funny they did on the Halloween episode where Castle comes running into the room with his Firefly garb on and Castle's daughter looks at him and says, "Weren't you that like 5 years ago?" I laughed so hard. Love this show!!

Justina Clayburn said...

When I was at the ACFW conference this past September, the main announcer told us: please remember there are "normals" here, this is especially for you suspense people, because they may not understand when you talk about the great new poison you found.
I love Castle, I want a Kevlar vest that says "writer" on it like his.

Regina Merrick said...

I'm a huge CASTLE fan, too. I have a friend that chats with me through the whole show - she's watching, too. Personally, I can't wait to go to this year's ACFW conference and hear an announcement like that. It will be a dream come true! Great blog!

EllenToo said...

And when does House of Secrets come out or did I miss it???
I haven't seem Castle yet..I keep thinking about watching it but never remember when it is on.

Lee Smith said...

Another Castle fan. :o) Great post!

Project Journal said...

I am a new Castle fan, but boy am I ever a fan : D It is fantastic! Who else saw this week's episode? I didn't like Backelorette #9 personally, not his type, I didn't think *wink*

Anyway....can't wait to hear more about House of Secrets, Ramona!

By the way, you told me to email you when I got to the killer's name in Field of Danger, but I don't know your email. So, you can email me at hccelie[at]gmail[dot]com if you want to tell me the story you wanted to share : )

Also, how's the Dragon Naturally Speaking coming along for you? And the name process? Any luck?
Talk to you soon!

Ramona Richards said...

Thanks, ladies! I appreciate the encouragement. @Barb, you can see a lot more about Castle, including the great logo here:

@Lisa, I LOVED the Halloween bit...especially his response: "But it still fits me!" Reminds me of the NCIS moment when Kate asked Gibbs what Ducky looked like when he was young. His response? "Illya Kuryakin." I almost cracked a tooth.

@Justina, ME TOO! I love the scene in the opening when he's running with it. And, yeah, the warnings to suspense folks can be a hoot.

@Regina, Lee, and Hannah - I swear each episode has so much great fun, even when the police work is, um, "not suitable for research." This week's favorite moment was a throwaway line from Beckett: "Castle, hold my purse." Which came on the heels of the "Do they know they're finishing each other's sentences?" comment.

There are times Kate and Castle remind me of Nick and Nora Charles.

House of Secrets doesn't have a date yet (long story), but I should know soon. Will definitely post it.

@Hannah, will email you. Dragon, however, is being stubborn and annoying, and is in time out. So no name yet. Maybe soon, since I'm going to need it for a new project.

Y'all have a good weekend!