Thursday, January 14, 2010

A Maile Moment

I have a granddog. She is a character. When my daughter bought the dog, she was the quietest of the puppies. That was because she had worms. My granddog's name is Maile. That is Hawaiian for flower.

One evening my daughter came over with her husband and Ms. Maile. After my daughter and I finished the work on the computer we were doing, they got ready to go. I walked into my bedroom and discovered Ms. Maile laying on my bed. Here at grandma's house, she's not allowed on furniture and beds. (She's allowed on those at her house.)

I backed out of the room and started laughing until my sides hurt. My reaction wasn't one Cesar Milan would recommend. But, when she came again the next week, I made sure she didn't get on the bed.

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