Friday, January 22, 2010

Weekends! from Carol Steward

On the way to work this morning they had a trivia question. "What is the one thing that makes everyone happy?" When the caller answered the question, I realized they're right. We live for Fridays because the weekend will bring a break from the normal rushing around. In my life, it isn't any slower, with laundry, housekeeping and socializing, but I still look forward to it.

Last weekend, we had Martin Luther King day off, so even though I had a birthday party and cakes and craziness, I still had the weekend to recover from it all.

What is your opinion, does a weekend make everyone happy? Why do you think it does?

Happy Friday everyone!


EllenToo said...

I don't think a weekend makes everyone happy but it does for most people. A weekend doesn't make me unhappy but for me it's no different than any other day of the week. I'm a retired school teacher and weekends are harder to navigate because there are so many extra people out and about at the stores no matter what time of day. On weekdays I can go out and get my chores/shopping done easier.

Debby Giusti said...

The problem for a writer, who doesn't have a day job, is that everyday can be a work day. Early on, I realized that, other than church on Sunday, every day was the same. Now I celebrate the end of the five-day work week in little ways that make me happy. :)

PamelaTracy said...

I love the weekend, but actually, for the most part, work is easier than being home LOL

Carol Steward said...

I agree with all of your comments. Weekends are more for my writing than weekdays now that I work at the University also. But since my kids all have odd work schedules, "weekend" is different for everyone. So to me, the definition of "weekend" is when I take a breather from the 7-5 schedule to do something where I don't have to get dressed and put on makeup. Whether it's a "traditional" weekend or other days, we just need to take time to unwind and refill our energy.

Vince said...

Hi Carol:

Water can make everyone wet but water can’t make everyone happy.

The ‘happiness’ is not in the ‘water’. People make themselves happy. People often use material objects and other people in order to achieve happiness but happiness stems from within.

The Greek stoics believed that one should learn to find happiness in the simplest things of life. As such, no one would be able to take your happiness away.

There is a classic story about a stoic. Alexander the Great was passing through a village in which a famous stoic was said to live in a bath tub.

Alexander stood tall in front of the man resting in his bath tub ‘home’ and said: “If I could not be Alexander, I would be you. I am rich and powerful. I will give you any one thing you want.”

The stoic said, “Then please move a little to the left. You blocking my light.”

Don’t worry. Be happy.


Merry said...

Weekends are usually more relaxed and a great time to enjoy the things the week days crowd out. I love the weekends. Sunday is one of the very best days of the week, worshiping with my church family.