Thursday, March 4, 2010

Craving the Light

This is one of my favorite places to think. It’s a park near my home, and a frequent refuge for me, especially in the winter. I am not a fan of long stretches of dreary days, and we’ve had a lot of them this season. In fact, back in the fall, we went for almost six weeks without the sun. As winter crept over us, sunshine still remained a rarity, sometimes only making a brief appearance for an hour or so, then more clouds.

I began to crave sunlight the way a thirsty man desires water. At the least little hint of it, I’d dash to a window or grab my coat for a walk. If there was a promise of a few hours, I’d flee to the park, where I’d sit on a bench and soak up the light, or take a brisk walk on the exercise path.

This is the way I am about writing. When I’m blocked or have to focus on editorial projects, I crave that creative release in the same way. And I go a little crazy in the same way, with mood swings that become so odd that even my non-writing friends start asking, “Have you written anything lately?”

More intriguing to me, however, is that I get this way about God. I don’t always get to church, but if I go for very long without praying or talking with other folks about God, I get a little squirmy, as if something’s just not right, as if I’ve forgotten something important. Which I have.

So my restlessness tells me it’s time to “dash to the window,” so to speak. To seek that renewing Light. Only, unlike the sun, this Light craves me as much as I desire Him.

Definitely a reassuring thought on a cold, dreary day.


Project Journal said...

What a beautiful park, Ramona! I can totally understand why you'd be able to think clearly there....

I just wanted to let you wonderful ladies know that I have given you a blog award over at my blog

Come on over and pick it up whenever it's convienent for you!

Debby Giusti said...

Lovely photo and lovely message. Yes, I crave sunshine as well. Probably why I live in Georgia. Usually, we have lots of sunshine. This winter, of course, was an exception. But today, the sun is streaming through my window and is so bright I can hardly read my monitor screen. Just got back from a brisk walk where I soaked up Vitamin D and refreshed my spirit. Another way I refresh my spirit is by setting aside time each day with the Lord. That daily spiritual connection with the eternal keeps the rest of the day, hopefully, heading in the right direction.

Hannah, thanks for the blog award. It's always good to see you here and at Seekerville!

Project Journal said...

Awww...thanks Debby! It's great to be around all you ladies or else I wouldn't come by *wink*

By the way, I'm reading Killer Headline right now and am almost halfway through it. This is my first book to read of yours and it fantabulous!! I'm really enjoying this Continuity Series - never followed a C.S. before either : )
Can't wait to see what happens and where the rest of the stories lead.

As one of the contributing authors to the series, did you get to read all the stories in advance? That would be SO cool!