Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Remember the French Connection and Bullet?--Lenora Worth

Hello. Do you love movies with car chases in them? My reason for asking, I thought about that movie "Bullet" with Steve McQueen when I was stuck in traffic the other day. I had been shopping--maybe that's why things went downhill when I got back in the car. I really shouldn't have gone shopping. I should have been working. But ... I found some great bargains (yes, shoes, pajamas, tee-shirts and beach cover-ups--since apparently I will never be caught alive in a bikini again!)

I leave the store and start for home but there is a major traffic jam on the main road to my house. I cut through and decide I'll hit the Interstate and get home quick. Several hundred other drivers had decided to do the same thing. I cross over the road leading to the Interstate, thinking I'll take the back-road and get on at another entrance ram. Only this back road is down to one land because of construction. So I cut back through to the original road toward the Interstate and get stuck in traffic yet again. I finally veer to the left on yet another road and finally, finally get moving again. Just one little construction sight on that one where I had to swerve into another lane. A trip that normally takes me fifteen minutes took me almost 45 minutes. I tell you, I was swerving, shifting, turning and merging with all the finesse of Steve McQueen or Tom Cruise. When I finally got home, I was so exhausted I didn't even pull out my treasures to try on and enjoy! My husband was home by then and of course, I had some explaining to do. So I told him all about my harrowing experiences trying to get across town and by then I had him so confused and weary he forgot all about the packages I brought in. (I also learned how to hide things by watching spy movies!) Driving in traffic is frantic and scary. We have to always be ready to take a different way home. But then, that's part of the adventure I suppose. (The picture is of me in front of an Aston Martin at a James Bond inspired-fundraiser!)I sure needed that car the other day. What is your worst traffic nightmare?


EllenToo said...

I've never been a fan of movies with car chases or maybe I should say I'm not a fan of car chases in movies. The movie may be good but I could do without car chases.
And I hate driving through large cities especially if I am not familiar with the city because inevitably I'm in the wrong lane. Although now that I broke down and bought a GPS I'm not quite so afraid of getting lost but the way people drive scares me at times.
Glad you got home safely.

Lenora said...

Ellen, GPS systems are a God-send for women. When I worked for a local magazine, I had to do a lot of night-time social assignments and having a GPS and my cell phone saved me from getting lost alone at night.
Thanks for your comments.

Debby Giusti said...

You look gorgeous!!! Love the pic!

Ellen, is that a new photo? You look gorgeous too!!!

Driving in Atlanta traffic is always an adventure. An hour and fifteen minute trip to my daughter's house once took me 4 1/2hours. UGH!!!

Another time, I was stranded in gridlock for three hours without moving.

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