Saturday, March 13, 2010

Part 6 by Leann Harris

Brad stepped forward, waving the gun. "I want to know where you hid that brooch? It's worth a pretty penny and will solve all the problems that I have."

"What are you talking about?" Caryn said.

"You did bring the brooch that your beloved gave you, didn't you?" Brad demanded.

Caryn stepped forward. "How did you know about the brooch?"

"I saw a picture of it that Patrick had. It was on his grandmother's wedding dress. I recognized that piece of jewelry. A famous 16th century jeweler made it for the Duchess of Kent. It's said that on a trip to Dublin, she gave it to the young man who saved her life when carriage ran off the road. It was thought to be lost." He smiled at Patrick. "And all this time, your family had that little jewel. I'd like it now."

Caryn couldn't believe the story that Brad told. Had he been the one to give Patrick and her the wrong information? "It was you, wasn't it? You who lied to Patrick and me? And for what?"

"For over a million dollars, that's what. It's taken me a long time to track you down, but I knew you'd come running when Patrick asked. He was sick with love. And I knew without him being here, I couldn't get you here. Now where's the brooch?" He waved his gun at Patrick. "And let's be quick, because I've waited a long time."

Patrick looked at Caryn. The world after 10 lonely years righted itself. Thank you, Lord, he whispered. He saw love and longing in those beautiful eyes.

"I brought the brooch with me, but I hid it in the castle," Caryn said. "The top room.

Waving his gun, Brad said, "Let's go get it."

They started back down into the tunnel. Patrick squeezed her hand, hoping to alert her to follow his head. She squeezed back.

At the juncture where the tunnel split, Patrick pulled Caryn to the wall, then kicked out and caught Brad's hand. The gun roared, and a spark flew off the rock wall. In the next instant, he pulled Caryn into a run, following the other tunnel they didn't take.


EllenToo said...

Sure hope Patrick's move down the other tunnel was a wrong move since they don't know where it leads. It was a smart move for Caryn to tell Brad that the brooch was hidden in the top room. Let's hope it works out the way she wants it to.

Lynette Eason said...

Hey Leann! GREAT job. Looking forward to tomorrow.

Lenora said...

Oh, I hate dark tunnels! So scary. But is that brooch really where Caryn said it is? And why did Brad wait all those years to get the brooch? Very good stuff!

Leann said...

Those are all good questions. I can't wait to see what happens.