Sunday, March 14, 2010

Irish Mystery Part 7

Judging by the bark of heinous laughter while Brad was down, he wasn't out.

"He's crazy," Caryn whispered.

Patrick nodded, not voicing all his concerns as he clutched Caryn's hand tightly and pulled her through the tunnel. Why hadn't he and his family caught on to Brad's mental state? They'd been college roommates all four years. Then, during the past ten years, Patrick had often visited Brad and his family. Of course, Brad had made the trek here even more often, always welcomed with open arms.

Thoughts off all the unexplained occurances during the past decade stopped Patrick in flight, so quickly that Caryn bumped into him and almost fell.

How long had Brad been crazy?

Forever? Ten years? Five? Three? Had the quest for a million dollars slowly corrupted his mind until nothing of the old Brad was left?

How long had Brad been crazy?

Three years ago, in the tower, the McCreedy girl had gone missing.

If Patrick remembered correctly, Brad had been in town.

Crazy Brad had been in town!


EllenToo said...

Yes Patrick Brad is obviously crazy so look out.

I am really loving this story.

Debby Giusti said...

Ah, Pam, the plot thickens!!! Thanks for bringing new excitement to our mystery.

Terri Reed said...

Way to up the suspense Pam.

Leann said...

Oh, Brad is really turning out to be evil.