Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Halloween Fun--Dress As A Favorite Character!

Happy Halloween!

It won't be long and the little ones will be knocking at my door, saying "Trick or Treat!" My eldest daughter started a tradition when she was too old to go out but enjoyed dressing up and passing out candy at our home. She always made the kids do a trick before they got a treat. It's become a family tradition, and we enjoy seeing what the children come up with each year. Often they'll sing a song or do a little dance. Sometimes they give up, and say they can't think of anything. Then we quickly offer suggestions. "Can you hop on one foot?" we'll ask. "How about turning in circles?" Relief usually washes over their faces when they realize they don't have to do anything too difficult, and the candy treats they receive at the end of their "performances" makes it all worthwhile!

Many of the schools in my area encouraged the children to dress as their favorite characters in a book. I'm sure we'll see lots of Harry Potters tonight. That got me thinking about the characters I loved when I was a child . . . Carolyn Keene's Nancy Drew is perhaps my all-time favorite. I read every book Ms. Keene wrote and then reread them! Another story I liked to reread was CHARLOTTE'S WEB, by E. B. White.

By middle school, I was hooked on the big sagas and loved James Michener. Anyone remember HAWAII? I googled Michener and found a news report published when he died that said he lived in Waikiki when he was writing the huge tome. His daily schedule was to write from 7:30 AM until noon and then do research in the afternoon. It also said he finished the book in ten months!

Many, many, many years later, I read my first romance, SHANNA, by Kathleen E. Woodiwiss. That tale swept me away to another time and place, and I've been hooked on romance ever since. What about the suspense stories I love to read? I'll have to save them for another post. It's time to get ready for the trick or treaters!

Have a fun night with your ghosts and goblins!

Wishing you abundant blessings!

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