Wednesday, October 3, 2007

Revising and Polishing a Manuscript

I'm done!! Book number ten is done. The first draft that is. Now comes the part I really like. The revising--per my critique partners suggestions. Sometimes I use their suggestions and sometimes not. But if they agree on something, then I pretty much figure they're right. Though I'm careful to still protect my voice and my style. After I go through their comments, then I do my polishing. If I have time I print out the whole book and read it through, making comments on the hard copy to later change on the computer. But, I don't have the luxuary of time right now, so I will read each chapter on the comupter (though I enlarge it to maxium size for reading purposes--haven't adjusted to the reading glasses-ugh), polishing the motivations, the setting and description, cutting unnecessary words and phrases and adding more emotion. Then I will print the chapter and move on to the next until I'm all the way through the manuscript, by then I'm ready to send it off. Whew!!

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