Monday, October 8, 2007

Write Now I'm Righting...

Nope, the title is not a typo. I'm writing now... about the rodeo...something I know next to nothing about. So, in order to get the scenario right... I'm having to do massive research. This must be why so many say "write what you know." Still, seventeen books into my career, I'm thinking I'd have stopped at book six had all the heroines been overweight teachers addicted to Murder She Wrote and sleeping late.

I've been to the rodeo :) I do know guys who actually bull ride. And, best of all, I saw Urban Cowboy. LOL, I added that last movie as a joke. My first stop, when starting to write the book was heading to Borders and trying to find a biography. I didn't find one, so if anyone knows a good book about a bull rider, please let me know.

What I'm doing now is plugging along and whenever I come to an area that requires expertise, I turn to the Internet. Good ole key word has helped me know that barrel racers do the cloverleaf and that 17 seconds is good time. I'm learning about eight seconds (Eight Seconds is a movie I saw a long time ago and must watch again). You know where I'm finding the best into. I got to Amazon, to the listing for rodeo movies, and I read the reviews. Not only do I get recommendations as to which movies are authentic, but I also get jargon. Because of Amazon, I know I need to find a movie called Cowboy Up.

Right now, what I want most is to find out what the other cowboys call a clumsy bull rider.

Have a great day all, and remember to "Write it Right!"

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