Monday, September 1, 2008

A Camping We Will Go

My family and I just spent the weekend camping. I have one word to describe our trip: rain. Oh, yeah, my husband investigated the weather channel before we left. He even found a nifty site online that had a graph. We left Scottsdale knowing that there was a 30 percent chance of rain on Sat and a 50 percent chance on Sunday. All I can say is we should have camped in a boat! Oh, it was fun, though. We arrived Friday evening, missed our regular camp site to poachers (think campers who arrived before we did) and found an even better camp site. Saturday we managed a short ride before the rain hit. My three year old tried to behave while trapped in our camper for hours. He watched A Bug's Life three times. Maybe I should say I played A Bug's Life three times. He spent the time racing cars on the table (where I wanted to type) and climbing on Daddy (who wanted to sleep) and whining. I understood completely; I wanted to whine too. The sun came out and we managed a short ride. We ate huddled in the camper while it rained. Then, we watched A Bug's Life again. It rained all night, but we managed to sleep anyway. Sunday we had to wait for the rain to stop. We did one short ride where we climbed a downed tree and found really cool mushrooms. No, we didn't pick them. They were just the biggest and brightest colored mushrooms I'd ever seen. The rain chased us home. Guess what we watched on TV? And, every camper alive who takes a three year old with them will say, "Yes, the television can be your best friend on a camping trip when it rains." A few hours later, we took the quads out and had one of the best rides ever. We were out for like five hours. It was almost dark when we finally returned to the campground. Mikey was falling asleep. Of course, he woke up the minute we tried to put him down. This morning, we packed up. I managed to write early in the morning, and some during the rain.
All in all, I call the weekend a success.

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