Monday, September 15, 2008

Too Much CSI - Well, not really

Recently a friend reminded me about the time, years ago, a medical examiner came to our local chapter (Go Valley of the Sun) and passed around some grusome pictures. Apparently I couldn't stomach looking at the pictures and left the room until the pictures were safely back in their BIG envelope.

I have no memory of this event, but I believe her.

Ten years ago I was writing very sweet romances for Barbour. Ten years ago my favorite show was WINGS. Yeah, I probably walked out of the room.

In ten minutes, I'll be done with this blog and I'll go back to writing. I'm on page 250 of what needs to be a 280 page book. I'm aiming for ten pages a day. It's not a very sweet romance. But then, WINGS is not longer my favorite television program. By the time it died the death of every television series that allows the H & H to 'really' get together, I no longer watched.

Today I write suspense. On line, I research how a corpse would smell after three months in a hot shed. Off line, I've even called a mortuary to find out about burial conditions (I even sent the mortician one of my books!)

And my favorite television show: CSI New Orleans. I like the Miami one, too. I just started watching the New York one, and I'm a little leery. So far, I'm figuring out their murders a little too fast and I think it's because the third times a charm only if you've failed the first two. CSI didn't fail the first two. Soooo, the third one needs to be different - not the same.

One last thing, this past April, I went to a conference and attended a workshop given by a medical examiner. She had slides. People left. Me, I raised my hand and asked some grusome questions.

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