Monday, September 8, 2008

What My Cat is Doing

Yesterday I gathered papers off my office floor. Me, I'm very organized, a list maker. I usually wake up with something to add to my list or a new way to check something off my list. I'm the type of teacher who color codes her classes (Hey, I teach English 101, I'm not supposed to be sane.)

My cat Priscilla, a slender calico, is not organized. But, then in cat years she's about 140. Still, no excuse, I've had her almost 20 years, and I don't recall her ever being organized. So, here's the tail. Er, I mean tale.

Priscilla (her husband was Aquila. He was an overweight black and white who didn't realize he was a cat. He thought he was 1/3 dog, 1/3 kid, and 1/3 cat. In other words, he came when he was called, he really love me, and he slept a lot)loves my office. Her favorite place is right next to my computer. She's lying here now. She arranges her body over my papers. Usually I really want to see these papers. They have my notes: lists of what I've done with the suspects so far (remember, I write suspense), a calendar with where and when the H and H are at any given time, and my grocery list notes (what to add, ideas, things to check).

Often Pricilla's tail knocks things off my desk. I've found my eye glasses on the floor (Yes, I stepped on them). I've picked up reams of paper, now wrinkled and out of order. And, I own multiple sticky tape rolls. I have to clean my mouse pad and keyboard often.

So, what is your cat doing?


Lisa Mondello said...

My cat is asleep under my feet at the computer. When she wants something and I don't pay attention, she screams at me and walks across my keyboard.


Ellen said...

I bet even with all the disorganization your cats cause you wouldn't trade them for a tidy clean desk.