Thursday, April 1, 2010

And a 1-Blogger, 2-Blogger, 3-Blogger, Fore!

I have been radically absent from the blogosphere lately. My own blog hasn’t been touched in more than six weeks. Twitter fell off my browser history. I’ve tried to keep Facebook updated, but I’ve even forgotten the password to my MySpace account.

I think I needed to take a break from online. Mostly, I’ve been writing and focusing on the next stage of my career. I had three goals for this time:

1) Finish the massively delayed House of Secrets (now set for April 2011)
2) Begin work on a sequel
3) Acquire an agent
4) Become more organized and productive

So blogging had to take a backseat for a bit. Duck out of sight.

I do love blogging and bloggers. I subscribe to 31 different flavors (seriously). I don’t read them all every day. Mostly I scan for interesting topics or interviews. A few I do read every time there is a new post, especially if they’re informative about writing or the publishing business.

But sometimes DOING is more important than learning about the doing.

Those four goals have been achieved. Number 4 will be ongoing – 2010 is my year to get stalker-intense about the work, trusting that I really am following God’s path for my life.

More to come. This year, I will be aiming for the mountaintop, not only with my eyes, but my feet and hands.


Debby Giusti said...

I can relate. As much as I love blogging and interacting with folks online, I need to focus on my writing.

I just submitted a three-story proposal. Prayers would be appreciated! :)

You've encouraged me to push forward, Ramona. Lent is almost over. Easter is almost here. With it springs new life! I'm getting excited about what's to come!

EllenToo said...

I don't know about other readers but I can guarantee you that I would rather read a book you wrote that read a blog (although I do read quite a few blogs).

Ramona Richards said...

Thank you, Ellen! That's an awesome compliment. :) And I'm hoping that since I signed with an agent this week, there will be more to come, sooner!

Will definitely keep your work in my prayers, Debby. And the idea of changes at Easter. Keep us posted on that proposal.