Wednesday, April 21, 2010

migraines and misery and birthdays, oh my!

Hello--it's Lenora. Sorry this post is late. I had a horrible migraine yesterday so after lunch I finally gave up, took a pill and crashed. (I guess my big birthday weekend went overboard!) The worse thing about having a migraine is that you can't focus. It hurts to read, it hurts to write, it hurts to hear any type of noise. And wouldn't you know--there was noise everywhere. Lawnmowers--a sign that spring is really, really here. Loud equipment from the industrial park not far from my house. My darling husband trying to cook--and slamming cabinets and doors as he rushed around trying not to burn the chicken. (Good meal even if I didn't have much of an appetite.)

The whole point of describing my "Migraine Monday" is that when we write suspense, we're forced to put our characters in uncomfortable situations. Misery. Real misery. I've talked about the Protecting the Witnesses series on this blog before. I don't normally go on and on about a series, but I have to admit this was one of my favorites as far as the storyline and brainstorming with the other writers. I've read each of the stories as they come out every month and so far I have not been disappointed. Right now, I'm reading Shirley McCoy's "Deadly Vows". Shirley is a great writer and even though I felt too bad last night to read, I can't wait to get back into her story.

This headache gave me an idea for a book--Killer Migraine--where the heroine is so tired of the pounding pain inside her head, instead of running from the villain in fear, she rolls her eyes Indiana Jones style and just takes the bad guy out. You don't mess with a woman who has a migraine (as my family can tell you!) I feel much better today, thankfully. So now I have to get back to work!


Carla Gade said...

Killer Migraine! I'll be your first reader! I'm a migraineur also. I'm so glad you're feeling better today.

EllenToo said...

Lenora ~ my sincerest sympathies on your migraine as I know only too well how you feel. I suffer from them also although the seem to have lessened in number as I aged...but not in viciousness. Killer Migraine sounds like a book I'd love to read:)only I'd probably take the hero out too if he so much as made a noise.
Hope you are feeling MUCH better now.

Ramona Richards said...

I can definitely relate to your heroine! If anyone messed with me during one of my migraines, my response would be quick and to the point. No mussing around exposition, that's for sure.

Glad you're better and back at the computer. :)

Project Journal said...

Awww! Lenora, I know exactly how you feel. I've been getting chronic migraines all the time for many months straight now. The doctors can't find any medications that work for it, so they say I just have to deal with it basically : /

SO glad you're feeling better

: D

The book sounds right up my alley! *wink*

Debby Giusti said...

I'm feeling your pain, ladies. Sorry you all have migraines. So far, I've escaped!

Love having a heroine with migraines though, Lenora. Kathy Reichs had her heroine come down with the flu just before the climax in one of her "Bones" books, which just compounded the situation. I've never forgotten the ending.

Lenora said...

thanks for all the comments. I had my heroine in "The Reluctant Hero" get a migraine at a turning point in the book. I so felt her pain! I think writers get migraines because we use our brains so much. WEll, some of us us our brains. Me--if I only had a brain!

I do feel better now.