Thursday, April 8, 2010

What are you reading--Lenora Worth

I'm just finishing up a four book contract so I'm thinking of all those plots I want to explore. That got me to wondering what kind of stories everyone wants to read? I have several ideas, most involving a woman in jeopardy and a dashing hero willing to help her. Some of my favorite television shows involve such plots--"Human Target" comes to mind. Extremely handsome hero with a dark past that haunts him. My kind of story. I also watch "Damages". It's intense and each of the characters has some sort of agenda. Of course, I love "NCIS"--Gibbs is my hero! I try to watch some of the CSI shows but I'm behind on those. I'm intrigued by "Justified" but haven't watched it yet.

As far as suspense books--right now I'm reading Margaret Daley's Cowboy Protector--it's part of a series--Protecting the Witness--and my book is Risky Reunion--the sixth book in the series. Shirlee McCoy and Barbara Phinney come after Margaret. Can't wait for their stories. Then mine will be out in June. The FBI agent in my book reminded me of Mark Harmon.

Now I have these new stories bouncing around inside my head. I love the beginning of a new idea. I like to play with it and wait for the characters to show me what they want to do. That's the fun part. So I need to get busy creating these stories.

What are some of your favorite suspense plots or stories?


Project Journal said...

To answer your question of what I'm reading:

I just finished Winter's End and Frankenstein.

Now, I'm reading Cowboy Protector, finishing up The Substitute Bride, and Sybil.

I've really been enjoying the Protecting the Witness Series so far and KNOW that I will continue to ; )

I'm not big into cowboy books, but obviously I'm reading Margaret's because it's part of the series. Actually (and yes, I'll admit this) it's not that bad. I like it better than some others I've read. I bet I'll end up really enjoying it!

Lenora said...

Hannah, Margaret is a great writer so I'm glad you gave the "cowboy" book a try! Thanks for following our series. It was fun to work with all the other writers.

Dana Mentink said...

Just finished Rebecca by duMaurier. I've been told it's gothic rather than suspense but it was riveting!