Thursday, September 16, 2010


OK, Ramona here, and as far as I can tell, Lenora stole my post!

Well, except for the cat part. I don't have a cat. I just scream at the walls.

What is it about a conference that makes us go nuts. I planned to post this at midnight last night and bolt for Indianapolis by 9am. It's now just before 1pm, and I'm praying the hotel doesn't give away my room! I'm not at the conference hotel (I'm around the corner), but it looks as if I won't arrive until after 6pm.

So...deep breaths. Prayer. Focusing on what's important, which isn't rushing around like a mad woman just because yesterday went topsy turvy. And this morning.

Yesterday, I got to hear Deanna Favre and Shane Stanford, authors of The Cure for the Chronic Life, speak at Abingdon's sales conference. Part of their message is the one we hear over and we go through our days, we may be the only picture, the only message of God and His Son some people ever see.

Reminding myself of this may keep me from screaming at slow cars and store clerks. Not so sure it's going to bring my blood pressure down anytime soon...not when I'm so excited about hanging out with my peers and soaking up the words of other teachers.

I'm running late. But I'll get there. With a few deep breaths, a lot of prayer . . . and just maybe a scream or two.

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