Wednesday, September 22, 2010

From 3 o'clock on

By Barbara Phinney

Oh, I'm not talking about three in the afternoon, when you just want to lay your head down on your keyboard and send a stream of consonants across the screen.
This is three in the morning. And I'm right there now. Actually, it's now five, but since I've been up since three, it counts as well. It's those nights when the week's events pile up on you. You think of that annoying person who bugged you a week or more ago, and you think of your children, the stray cat you saw in the neighbour's garage, and even the wind that's howling right now, thanks to a low pressure system to the east or wonder why the water pump has clicked on, then off.
These nights grow in frequency, especially when I hope to write my fingers off the next day, but one man, a missionary I know, deals with these nights in a unique way. He prays. He prays for those who have touched his life recently, and goes through them all individually.
He doesn't allow his mind to wander. Ahh, the discipli
ne! My mind wanders like the sweet potato vine I recently pulled up. And when I have just turned the whole kit and kaboodle over to God, I yank it back again and start over.
I need more discipline in my life, in my waking hours and resting hours.
Do any of you have nights like this? How do you cope?


Linda Hall said...

I've had nights like that!!

Barbara Phinney said...

And I'm still upright, though I'm hardly the ever ready bunny here. I tried a nap earlier, but no go! Argg!

Lisa Mondello said...

There are times when my brain kicks into gear during the night hours. I think that my subconcious mind knows that during the day the phone could ring (and it usually does), I could get a text from my kids (because you know, mom is never off the clock), the dog may need to go outside just when I'm in the middle of something important or whatever. In the night hours when the rest of my world sleeps I know I won't be interupted and I actually focus more. I sometimes get more done then than I do during the day. I just hate that I end up sleeping late and missing most of the next day in order to take advantage of that quiet time.

PamelaTracy said...

Until I had my son, I was such a middle of the night person. I'd prowl! Then, because I had to be to work at 9, I'd set my alarm for 8:30.