Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Something went terribly wrong--Lenora Worth

My blog is late today. That's because something went terribly wrong. I usually love Tuesdays. Making it to Tuesday means you got through Monday okay. And Tuesday is NCIS day!!! But yesterday, things went wrong for me all day long.

First, I ran some errands to get ready for ACFW. I shop at the drugstore a lot and I buy in volume for my travels. So I went to my local drugstore with my customer card and a coupon fresh off my e-mail. I dropped things in my basket and went to check out. The not so happy to be there clerk rang up my entire basket of stuff but forgot to use the coupon. So she called another clerk over and we had to void the whole thing and start over. (With the other customers glaring at us.) Then my coupon wouldn't work. So the not so happy to be there manager was called out. Other customers are still glaring. I'm glaring, too. The manager scanned my coupon and told me I had an invalid customer card. I had just gotten the card in the mail a few weeks ago! This went on and on for several minutes and then she suggested I was trying to use an invalid coupon. Ugh!!! I got out my old card and told her I was not trying to use an invalid coupon since it had been sent to me that very morning. A few minutes and some strongly worded declarations later, the old card finally accepted the coupon and I headed for the door. Only to set off the beeper alarm! By now I am very frustrated. I go back in and ask the surly manager if I need to let her check my bag. She glares at me, points to the door and says "Go. Just get out of here." So I did just that, with beepers blasting everywhere!

So I decided to write about this experience last night. I wrote this whole blog and hit publish and .... my blog disappeared! I had a meltdown. The next thing I knew, my husband was calling out "What is that awful noise?" That awful noise was me hitting my chair and screaming my frustations to the cat. And people wonder where we get our ideas for suspense books. Hmmm. A frustrated customer, a rude clerk, a coupon and customer card malfunction and a lost blog. I have all sorts of scenarios in my head right now. Have you ever had a day like this? Good thing I can vent my frustrations by writing fiction!


Project Journal said... the Co-op we try to not seem like we don't want to be there even if we really don't, Lenora. Lol!!

That does sound pretty darn terrible, I'm so sorry : (

I HATE when Blogger is stupid! I wrote this looooooooong comment for a blog, complaining about my new stupid college life of course this morning. I mean, it was long. Really, really long, loL! And I hit publish, vamoosh! GONE! I was so, so, SO mad! I never went back to rewrite it. It just took me too long.

So, I know how you feel, Lenora. Hang in there. It'll get better! Soon you'll be at the conference, lucky you! I am soooooo jealous of you : )
Talk to you soon, hope today was lots and lots better!

Lenora said...

Thanks, Hannah. I've been packing all day long. Whew, I think I have too many clothes in my suitcase.

And this blog didn't want me to read the code to get in today. I'm hoping tomorrow will be better.

Sorry you lost your blog.

Lynette Eason said...

Ouch! Sorry about all the lost words. And the rude people who don't want to be at work, but don't have any trouble accepting a paycheck! LOL. I have discovered how never to lose another blog entry. Write it in word then copy and paste. Voila, if blogger eats your post, you simply go back to your word document and copy and paste again. :)

See you tomorrow, Lenora!!


Lenora said...

Yes, Lynette, my husband suggested that. I told him I usually do that but I was in a hurry because I waited until the last minute!!!

Niki Turner said...

I hate those kinds of days. And they always seem to happen when you have too much to do!
Here's to a smooth journey and a wonderful time at the conference, made even sweeter by the frustrations you had today!

PamelaTracy said...

Oh, I can so relate.
There's a Circle K in my town that I will never go to again because of a clerk that didn't want to be there.