Thursday, October 14, 2010

Help! Where did my muse go?

Terri Reed here, jumping in on the fly again. I should be writing on my book that is due in two weeks and three days. I'm nearing the end but for some reason am procrastinating. Not sure why. The plot is solid, the characters are keeping me on my toes and the action is fun to write. So why am I so slow to get started this morning? Okay sending up prayers for the drive to get this book done and for the words to flow.

On another note I received my first reader mail on my November release, a novella in Holiday Havoc. Hearing from readers is always a treat even when the reader points out mistakes. How will I learn if I don't know I've made a mistake?
Not that this reader pointed out any mistakes, on the contrary, she loved the setting and had actually been to Cannon Beach Oregon many times and could see the book unfolding and she really liked the suspense plot, which eased my mind since I was a bit afraid this story was too dark.
Anyway, hope you all have a blessed day. I'm going to work now. I promise. I really, really am. Now!


Lisa Mondello said...

Good luck, Terri. I know it'll be fabulous! Thanks for stepping in today!

PamelaTracy said...

Now that my book is finished, I can read again. I'm looking forward to this one. I love the title, btw.

Margaret Daley said...

I've been there. I usually go back and start editing what I have already done, and by the time I arrive at the end, my muse is back and I write the end.

Terri Reed said...

Margaret, that is exactly what I did. Thanks Lisa! Pam, I like the title as well. Hopefully the book will turn out okay. I'm a bit nervous.