Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Tricks or Treats--Books--Lenora Worth

cWhat are you reading right now? I'm alway fascinated by what others are reading. I just finished Irene Hannon's "An Eye for an Eye." Very good book! Now I'm on something more playful but just as enjoyable, Sandra Briker's "Love Finds You In Holiday, Florida." I bought this one a while back but had to put it aside until I had time for a good long read. Love me a good Florida setting. Very cute but also a thoughtful book regarding grief and how to heal.

And I can't wait for Marta Perry's "In Plain Sight." I'm sure it will be another gripping Amish tale. Marta is fast becoming a contender in Amish fiction. I also just picked up "Mistletoe Prayers", a two-in-one Christmas book by Marta Perry and Betsy St. Amant. I'm going to save that one for a long winter's night.

As far as genres, I love suspense, women in jeopardy (and I'm not just talking about the shoe clearance at Macy's!!!), a good solid romance and sometimes ... men's fiction--gasp. I want to read more Lee Child. On my list.

What's on your list? What would you like to see more of. Maybe we can help. We love ideas from our readers. Oh, and speaking of that--spread the word. We will have another of our popular online serials here very soon. Hopefully during November.

Writers love readers. Without our readers, we wouldn't have a job. Thanks for that.
Now tell me what you're reading!


Ramona Richards said...

Just finished Terry Blackstock's Predator and I'm deep into Jill Eileen Smith's Abigail and Rick Acker's When the Devil Whistles. Love suspense, romance, a smidgen of speculative, and some mainstream. Always on the look-out for a great new read.

Project Journal said...

Hi Lenora,
I just finished Still House Pond by Jan Watson. Really, really ejoyed it! Now I'm reading What Sarah Saw by Margaret Daley. I'm very curious to see what'll happen in the end already : )

I've never read a LFY where carries them aroud here unfortunatly!! Hope you enjoy it!

I love suspense, romance, inspirational, Christian fiction, mystery, thriller, historical fiction...nto too picky as you can tell! LOL!
Talk to you later,