Tuesday, November 13, 2007

The Great High School Hunt

Whew! I didn't know looking for a high school could be so hard. Back when I was a teen there weren't any choices. You went to the local high school along with everyone else. But now, there are options. My daughter is very artistic and not sports oriented at all, so we're looking for a school that will strength her talents and give her a well rounded education so when its time to choose colleges, she has more choices. These teen years are so crucial in my mind. This is the time when teens are faced with the biggest issues including but not limited to drugs and sex. The choices and judgements they make over the next four to five years will have an impact on the rest of their lives. If anyone has some good advice on how to balance guiding a teen and giving them freedom to make mistakes, I'd really appreciate it.
ON another note, my November release GIVING THANKS FOR BABY has hit the shelves. The book recieved a 4 star rating from Romantic Times Magazine.

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