Sunday, November 18, 2007

Unexpected Notes on a Sunday....

Hi everyone!

I meant to post sooner in the day, now that I'm the Sunday gal. But sometimes, bad things just happen. And this time, I am soooo thankful!

Yesterday afternoon I had lunch with writer friends (published and unpublished) and during our lunch, my son Brian called to say that he'd been meeting his own friends for lunch and suddenly became nauseated, with what he thought were stomach cramps.

When I got home an hour later, he was pale. Had a tight, distracted expression of distress on his face even as he said he was "okay." He was uncomfortable in any position. My husband thought it was just the flu and Brian didn't want to go, but I packed him up anyway and took him to the ER. Within a half-hour they had him on an IV and had started him on morphine. It was appendicitis.

With a young man's determination, he didn't wanted to sound like a wuss over "nothing", but we found that he was actually in quite serious shape and waiting could have meant an entirely different outcome. The surgeon said that by the time of the operation, his appendix was ready to burst at any moment.

God works in such amazing ways. My son travels five states, and isn't often home, or near people he knows well. He said over and over he would have just "toughed it out" if he hadn't been home--he would have taken Tylenol and tried to just go to bed. I just shudder to think what might've happened if he'd been in the middle of nowhere, far from family. But because he happened to be home, he got the care he needed, he is now surrounded by family and friends, and had a great surgeon. Praise the Lord! We even got to bring him home this afternoon! He's tired, and weak, and on pain meds today. But he will be okay!

Have any of you ever had such a situation--where something bad happened--but at the best possible time? Or...have you been in a bad situation in which your prayers brought the most amazing answers, just when you needed them? Such incredible blessings, such power in prayer, will never cease to amaze and humble me.

So today....I'm not writing about writing. I'm writing about an awesome God who has taken such loving care of our son.

And, to offer a reminder to all of you about how something so simple as continuing abdominal pain can be some far, far more serious than simple indigestion!

Take care, and God bless,


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