Monday, November 12, 2007

Veteran's Day

It's Veteran's Day. My dad was a veteran. His name was Albert Hammonds Tracy. Hammonds after the doc who birthed him. It was a tradition back then (At least in 1920s Georgia) to name a child after the doc. Dad served in Korea, and he was in WWII. I remember him saying that when he got out of the service the first time, he joined the reserves and when the second war broke out, he was one of the first called back. Seemed he had lots of certifications. He died three years ago. Nine months before his first grandchild was born. Most of his friends were already gone. Even the preacher who did the service didn't know him like the preachers of his prime. I wound up giving the eulogy. I miss him.


Terri Reed said...

Its hard when our grandparents pass on, its like a bit of history goes with them. I miss my grandfather as well. He died from prostate cancer at 89 in 2003. He was the only man in my life whose love I've never questioned.

PamelaTracy said...

What a touch comment "He was the only man in my life whose love I've never questioned." Right before my dad died, I read in the paper that 1000 WW2 vets were dying each day, and I remember thinking, "Not my dad."