Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Getting to the Root

I'm off this morning to have a root canal. I know, ugh! But really its my own fault. I've been told numerous times over the years that this tooth (well, actually I have about eight that have cracks) would need to be taken care of. But it started out as just a little fissure that didn't hurt and wasn't doing any damage. At least not that I could see or feel. But alas, the fissure turned in to a crack, that turned into a fracture. For the past couple of months the whole left side of my face has been in pain because the fracture exposed the root where a pylop has formed. Its been very distracting, not to mention making me miserable. I went to the dentist who sadly shook his head and referred me to an endodontist, who will go in and take out the root while I sit humbly in the chair with my head thrown back and my mouth wide open and by next week I should be much better but until then I know I'll still have some discomfort if not out right pain.
It occurred to me yesterday as I was driving that a root canal is a good illistration of how sin can damage our lives. Sin can start as something very small and benign that doesn't seem to bother us, if we even notice it, but if it isn't dealt with it will fester and grow into something that will cause pain, be a distraction and even ruin our lives. The only way we can get to the root of the sin is to proactively seek God's help and humbly allow Him to kill the root. But the key is proactively. God will help us only if we ask and then we have to show up, just as the endodontist can't help my tooth unless I ask and then I have to show up at his office.
My prayer this morning is that if there is a sin in our lives, no matter how trivial it seems, that we would proactively seek God and humbly let Him remove the sin so that we can be restored before any damage is done.
Have a good week as you gear up for the Christmas celebration.

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