Monday, December 24, 2007

Twas the day before Christmas

This year my two-year-old is somewhat getting it. He realizes that all the lights on the the houses mean 'something'. He knows the tree in our house is there for 'some' reason. He's learned that we only get to open one door each day on the 24 days until Christmas decoration. He knows 'something' is going on. Celebrating Christmas through a two-year-old's eyes is fascinating. First, he doesn't say Santa. He says Santan. Since we're in Arizona, it's actually pretty fitting. Santa actually could have a tan. And, second, he's recognizing the man in red on television specials. Last night the whole family watched the Polar Express. None of us had seen it. My two-year-old watched the whole thing. He's usually good in front of the TV for maybe 20 minutes (unless it's Thomas the Train). We were curled on the armchair under a blanket. When it was time for bed, the whole family curled up in his little bunkbed and said goodnight.

I thank God for the best presents in the world: my husband and my son. You cannot wrap moments. I left Mikey's bed first. Don stayed a moment and listened to his son whisper jumbled words like Mommy, Santan, choo choo, etc.

Merry Christmas, everyone. Close your eyes and picture unwrapping moments from the past. It just might warm your heart.

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