Wednesday, December 5, 2007

Headin' to Huntsville

Tomorrow I'll be headin' to Huntsville, Alabama, to speak at Good Shepard Church for an Advent dinner. The night is a celebration in honor of the women of the parish who do so much throughout the year. Early in 2007, my dear friend, Alice Mingo, asked me to be the after-dinner speaker. Of course, I eagerly agreed.

Alice and I go back many years to when our hubbies were in the Army stationed at Fort Polk, Louisiana. We lived on post, and although there were only about thirty families in our small military housing area, many of us were committed Christians, working hard to spread the Good News. Our outreach focused primarily on the young soldiers and their families who were far from home. Their needs were great, and we were always involved in projects to improve their quality of life.

Some of my fondest memories are when the families on our street would gather for potluck dinners. Some of the guys and gals played guitars, and after dinner we'd sing our favorite prayer and praise songs. Folks would share how God was working in their lives or how they felt moved to help someone in need.

Alice and I agree those years at Fort Polk were some of the best, and we both feel blessed to have been part of that wonderful Christian community.

After the dinner at Good Shepard is over on Thursday, I'm sure Alice and I will head back to her house to reminisce about the good old days. We'll be thinking of all our dear friends and thanking God for bringing them into our lives. No doubt, we'll also talk about the new direction God has asked us to walk since our time at Fort Polk.

I hope you'll reach out to a friend -- old or new -- this Advent season. Meet for coffee and swap stories about the people, places and events that have touch your lives. After all, memories are precious gifts that need to be shared.

Wishing you abundant blessings!

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