Monday, December 31, 2007

This Last Day of 2007

What have I learned?

I learned that if I aim to have a 300 pages manuscript, I'll have a 360 page manuscript; I learned that if I aim to have a 250 page manuscript, I'll have a 311 page manuscript.

I learned that if I buy a box of chocolate in order to eat one a day, I'll instead eat the whole box in one day.

I learned that it's best to get rid of shoes that no longer fit. Who knew pregnancy changed your shoes size AND YOUR ORIGINAL SHOE SIZE NEVER RETURNS.

I learned that if I volunteer to do a task and have two years to do it, I'll get it done the evening before it's due.

I learned that if my two-year-old watches me eat a Pop-Tart for breakfast every morning, he'll want a Pop-Tart for breakfast. I learned that I don't want waffles and a banana for breakfast.

I learned that 9:00 p.m. is a wooonnnderfuuuul time to go to bed. I learned why my friends used to get mad at single me when I called after nine.

I learned that no all mirrors are created equal. I want the mirror from my Dillard's store. I don't want the mirror from work.

I learned that most of my worries are just a waste of time. I learned I don't have much time to waste.

What have you learned?

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