Monday, December 10, 2007

It's Raining, It's Pouring, Still

They say we received 40% of our yearly rain the weekend before last. Since I had two booksignings, one outside, I believe it. One booksigning recheduled, and guess what, it rained LOL. Well, it cleared up before and after my booksigning, so I don't care and I like rain.

Booksignings are interesting, and I can write about this one because it was 'nice.' It took place at a Barnes and Noble in a busy mall (I like the word 'busy', too). I probably made 70% of my sales to friends (Thank you for coming). It's the other 30% that I find fascinating. I do actually say to people, "Hi, I'm local author here signing my book." I probably sold one or two books to people who think any display means 'on sale.' I sold one to an ex-student's mom (small world). Then, I sold 3 or 4 to people who wanted to find out how to write.

How to write?

Since the average time a stranger spends with me at a booksigning is maybe 2 - 3 minutes, there is not enough time to really describe 'How to Write'. I'd need 2 -3 years! One of the women I think really listened. She was different than the others who asked 'How to Write' because she definitely had a book idea, which she told me in clear and intriguing language. She also nodded when I mentioned community college creative writing classes and local writing groups. This person probably would only need the boost of a creative writing class and a few monthly workshops to get her career going. The others who asked, although sincere, didn't have their stories where they could tell me what they wanted to write about, and all said they didn't have time to take a creative writing class or join a local writing group that met once a month.

My thought: If you don't have time to lay the foundation, the house will never get built.

A final book was sold to a duo of artists. They were playing Christmas music in the bookstore. First, the husband meandered over. Next, he brought the wife. They bought my books; I bought a CD which I've been playing ever since. You know, sometimes you can talk to a person and know that if there was opportunity, you'd be friends. I felt that way about the wife musician. She'd be someone to meet and have coffee with, someone to laugh with.

Well, since I've laid my foundation many times, I need to go work on my house. I'm on page 170, which means I have the basement, most of the main floor, and need to get the upstairs going. Great day all!

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