Friday, December 28, 2007

Revisions and more revisions!

Today I dutifully sit at my desk with a cup of caramel cappuccino that I made on my new cappuccino machine and review my manuscript Her Only Protector. Her Only Protector is the sequel to my 11/07 Cradle of Secrets and features Dylan's younger sister, Sonny, and a bounty hunter who is searching for their brother Cash. The bounty hunter makes a whole lot of trouble for Sonny as she tries to escape Colombia.

Revisions are always a funny thing. I become so attached to my characters that they seem so real to me, as if I've actually met them. Many readers emailed me to ask me about a sequel to Cradle of Secrets because they, too, became so engrossed in the characters that they just wanted more. I'm happy to say that Her Only Protector will be available 8/08, so readers won't have to wait TOO long before they find out what happens next.

As for me, I'm diving into changes. While there are times I cringe when I need to change something that I've written, many times I view revisions as a way to make the characters come alive again. Like picking yourself a part, picking a book apart can be painful, but in the end, it shines.

Until next week, many blessings to you all! Lisa Mondello

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